What we do?

LaunchIT helps organizations become more efficient by reengineering their business processes and making better use of technology. This type of project can vary based on the needs of each client, but may include:

  • Developing a custom application 
  • Integrating systems 
  • Software upgrades or conversions
  • Data migrations or conversion

How we do it?

You’ll have a LaunchIT team of highly experienced software developers who are skilled in Java, .Net, SQL and other open source technologies. You’ll also work directly with a project manager, business analyst(s), and a technical architect(s).

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Check out this example:


If you value collaboration and fast paced, continuous delivery we’ll follow an agile methodology. Our team will develop and deliver your solution in multiple iterations until the entire solution is complete. This approach often saves time, keeps clients involved and satisfied, and is responsive to changing requirements.

Following AGILE

  • A scrum team will organize how and when work will be accomplished. Development will be divided into a series of short cycles or sprints. Each sprint will be defined by a sprint backlog, which lists every task that is to be accomplished in that sprint.
  • We’ll use a sprint board management tool, such as Jira, to increase communication, organization, and focus for every team member.
  • We’ll enforce ticket prioritization so that urgent, impactful issues get resolved first.

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