What we do?

LaunchIT helps organizations become more efficient by re-engineering their business processes and making better use of technology. Projects can vary based on the needs of each client. We have a wealth of experience in providing different solutions according to our client’s needs and have executed multiple projects successfully using our different software services. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

Custom Software Development

At LaunchIT we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, meaning that most of the projects we are asked to take by our Clients are developed and executed to their custom needs. Whether it’s a unique process, business challenge, or vision that hasn’t been met, a custom solution may be the answer. We use innovative techniques and ways to come up with the most apt solution for our clients and the tools, technologies, and frameworks we suggest are those that best fit with their project objectives, company goals, and industry standards. When you use LaunchIT’s services you are not bound to the limitations of packaged off the shelf software, you’re investing in a system that will be scalable and will fuel business growth today and tomorrow. No matter the size and complexity, LaunchIT experts are always ready to take on the challenges.

LaunchIT’s Custom Software Development Model

System Integration

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly complex to manage, where companies are continually adopting new technologies. LaunchIT can take your existing or new systems and consolidate them, allowing you to be more efficient and increase business agility.

How can integrated systems be helpful?

  • Allows for continuous exchange of messages between different IT systems.
  • Enables the exchange of data between databases supplied by different parties.
  • Seamless data flow for better visibility and management.
  • Implement selected features of one system into other applications.
  • Create a single consolidated IT system, which is easier to maintain and manage.
  • Improves the quality of work and satisfaction of your employees.
  • Scalable IT system to position your business for future growth.

Software Upgrades and Conversions

When your faced with the need to upgrade and modernize your system, LaunchIT can help. Whether it’s because of a legacy technology, older inefficient systems, discontinued products, increased prices, or functionality, our experts are there to offer suggestions. We will study your current IT system’s landscape to determine the most efficient and best possible solution to ensure that upgrades/ conversions to your system happens in parallel to your existing systems. To avoid any hindrances to your business operations we will layout out a plan for a smooth transition to new upgraded/converted systems.

Important reasons to consider upgrading.

Upgrades can Boost Productivity and Efficiency – LaunchIT developers continually strive to enhance the functionality of our solutions. This is beneficial to productivity inside your business because lost time due to tedious tasks can be reduced.

Upgrades Can Lower Costs- Maintaining old and outdated software can cost your business more than it is to upgrade or convert to a new one. As newer versions become available it’s possible that the manufacturers protection and updates on that version are no longer available. Without those updates you’re left to worry about how scalable and maintainable your software is.

Upgrades Improve Security – Hackers are more likely to have found time to identify security vulnerabilities the longer the software has been on the market. Often, upgrades include patches and bug fixes to address these vulnerabilities. Knowing that your software is secure provides peace of mind and encourages employees, knowing they have the best version that makes their work and lives easier.

Data Migrations or Conversions

If your business has chosen to move to another platform, data repository, or have plans of moving to a cloud environment, LaunchIT experts are skilled in the mapping of data from your existing system to the new one. Our experts take the utmost pride in keeping your core data integrity intact and ensure the retrieval of your data is easy, secure, and efficient.

Experienced Team– Our Data Migration specialists have completed hundreds of large- or small-scale migration projects. They will guide you through the transition and guarantee it is as seamless as possible. Move Without Worry– You provide us with the data, and you can count on us to convert it. Our process is perfected and ensures that your data is transitioned quickly and reliably.

Companies have used LaunchIT’s Business Process Re-Engineering Services to:

  • Reduce Costs – LaunchIT solutions will help you eliminate unproductive activities and decrease employee’s time performing them.
  • Improve Quality – By reducing the fragmentation of work and assigning ownership of processes to employees, workers gain responsibility for their performance.
  • Receive Top of the Line Service – When you work with LaunchIT your business gains a partner. We will continue to support and maintain your custom solution.

Our Approach

Before kick-off, LaunchIT experts collaborate with your team to get a deeper understanding of the project and how it will compliment your business processes. Armed with this knowledge, we design actionable steps to reach your project goals. Every idea undergoes business analysis and feasibility studies, which are reviewed with your team for acceptance. We then create software designs which are again vetted jointly by your team and us before moving on to development cycle. Our experts then carry out rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the software being implemented. Our partnership with you doesn’t end once the software is implemented, because LaunchIT continues to offer ongoing maintenance and support.

When you work with LaunchIT, you’ll have a designated team comprising of highly experienced project managers, business analysts, and technical architects along with highly skilled software developers and software testers who are assigned to work on your project in the chosen technology.

Our Preferred Software Development Style is Agile

We value collaboration and fast paced, continuous delivery using an agile methodology. Your designated LaunchIT team will develop and deliver your solution in multiple iterations until the entire solution is complete. Using this approach saves time, keeps our clients involved and satisfied, and is responsive to changing requirements.

How we work in Agile:

  • A scrum team will organize how and when work will be accomplished. Development will be divided into a series of short cycles or sprints. Each sprint will be defined by a sprint backlog, which lists every task that is to be accomplished in that sprint.
  • We’ll use a sprint board management tool, such as Jira, to increase communication, organization, and focus for every team member.
  • We’ll enforce ticket prioritization so that urgent, impactful issues get resolved first.

Check Out This Example of Business Process Re-Engineering:

Hear more about LaunchIT’s Business Process Re-engineering services and how they can help optimize your software development processes. Contact us today.