LaunchIT grew out of our developers and their skills for coding. We attack most of our clients solutions by building a fantastic engine.

We give priority to our quality of products and services as these are the same people who get to determine where their dollars are spent. Their vote counts and we want to insure we win their vote.

We use industry standard tools, and our coding standards comply with those of the industry. Simply put, we do not want you to ever part ways with our company, but should you choose to do so, the code we have developed will be easily read and integrated by the new provider.

LaunchIT gives top priority to quality products and services for our clients as these are essential for the success of our clients' business.

Quality assurance begins right from the start of a project by adhering to development standards either set by the client or by LaunchIT.

We use industry standard tools. We do continuous code review, unit test, manage functional requirement through traceability matrix, and track bugs to closure to assure quality in our delivery.

LaunchIT adopts agile development in projects to insure minimizing cost of change in software development life cycle. We review our delivery along with our clients sprint after sprint to smoothen final user acceptance test.


Our Capabilities:

• Testing experts, who prefer breaking the existing code base

• Graphical User Interface cum usability testing

• Cross Browser Testing/Cross Platform

• Functional testing through test plan and test case development

• Test Automation Focus

• Performance Testing

• Dynamic staff scalability

LaunchIT adopts the agile development into our projects to insure minimizing cost of change in the software development life cycle. We also believe the waterfall methodology has its place and realize that different approaches maybe required based on various factors.

Most people ask what technologies we focus on. Our answer is we are pretty agnostic to the technology. Most of our projects have been in Microsoft.NET and Java with SQL as the backend. This seems to be where most of our clients have settled.


Benefits to Our Clients:

• Increased reliability, scalability, extensibility, maintainability

• Reduction in QA costs and re-work

• Utilizing differences in time and also time overlaps


IT Consulting Services

We have a competent team of Microsoft/Cisco/RedHat Certified Engineers who have been providing efficient service to a multitude of computer users across various verticals irrespective of the business size.


Tools Used by Our Team

• Windows Apps: QTP, WinRunner (Mercury)

• Web based Apps: JMeter, LoadRunner, Microsoft Application Center Test

• Open Source Tools: Bugzilla (Defect Tracking), Water, Sahi, Selenium

• Performance Testing: Load Runner, Badboy

• Test Case Development: Testopia, Test Director

• Build Automation: CruiseControl.NET, Nant

• Automated Code Inspection: FxCop

• Version Control: VSS, SVN, CVS

• Unit Testing: Nunit, Junit

LaunchIT is highly professional in software application services. We have earned a reputable position in the IT software application development industry and our clients do not hesitate to seek our guidance and assistance in resolving their IT issues. Our clients can depend upon our excellent software services.

We are proud of our experienced system analysts as well as programmers, who are versatile and are well-versed in customized application development and, no doubt, in its maintenance as well. The focus is upon management, migration, deployment, collaboration, customization, and migration.

Business establishments require personalized services to face up to stiff competition in the IT market. We at LaunchIT know very well the needs of our clients and accordingly provide high quality application development processes for higher productivity gains.

IT Support for Remote Offices

Like many other small and medium businesses today, LaunchIT has its headquarters, sales, and support offices in various locations. Our network operations center is built to handle support calls from various locations and time zones.


Staff Augmentation Services

LaunchIT provides staff augmentation services when your remote office or HQ needs temporary help for a specific project or onsite support. We have access to top talents across USA and can make them available quickly to help your organization. We can help your organization with a small project, be there long term, or be available on a flexible, as-needed schedule.


IT Support

LaunchIT outsourcing service provides businesses around the globe with a comprehensive solution that enables business owners to concentrate more on growing their business and worry less about IT.

Application maintenance is an integral part of any software development process and LaunchIT provides proper infrastructure for latest application maintenance techniques. The application maintenance process at LaunchIT is based upon a holistic approach towards technology application, business processes, and so forth, with the end result being greater productivity and higher profits. LaunchIT opts for tailor- made application maintenance process and the client is satisfied by our customized application maintenance.

Plan Features:

• 24/7 help desk support with a maximum 30-60 minute guaranteed response

• 24/7 Server monitoring and problem resolution

• Application monitoring, management and problem resolution

• Network and remote connectivity management

• IT Security - antivirus, SPAM filtering, antispyware, web content filtering

• Automated security patch deployment

• Backup and disaster recovery

• Inventory tracking and reporting

• New technology guidance and consulting


IT Consulting Services

We have a competent team of Microsoft/Cisco/RedHat Certified Engineers who have been providing efficient service to a multitude of computer users across various verticals irrespective of the business size.


Plan Features:

• Managed IT Services

• Network health assessment

• Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

• Cloud Consulting

• Website maintenance

• IT strategy and budgeting consulting

Our expert team tries to provide better application services and tries to optimize the available resources for higher profits and productivity. Applications are optimally geared towards rapid responses, and this enables our experts to deal with key changes in requests in the business field. A comprehensive application maintenance approach is adopted by us to ensure low costs to our clients without compromising on quality or delivery time. Quick results, timely delivery, and best results is what LaunchIT application maintenance experts adopt while processing the business requests for our clients.

Governing Process

LaunchIT presents our clients with excellent project managers, additionally, we have paired them with MENTORS within our organization. Our mentors have been handling IT projects for over 20 years each. You get two heads for the price of one.


Project Management is essential for developing as well as delivering a particular project to our clients in satisfactory manner, and LaunchIT takes these aspects into consideration when dealing with the clients. This requires professional skills and our skilled staff is well trained in making such deliveries. Our well-qualified mavens* know the nuances of the required projects and are well-equipped to handle a project. Our managers are professionally well-qualified, and are competent enough to find required solutions. They are also able to implement judiciously, keeping in view the clients' business growth and profits. The focus is on ensuring that the investment made by the client is worth every penny, and that the returns are up to the clients' expectations.

• Network & Server Maintenance

• Printer Troubleshooting & Installation

• Setting up and Maintaining all Security Related Issues

• Administration of all Servers & Hardware

• Patch management for all Laptops, Desktops and Servers

• Manage Domain Name Registration

•  Anti-Virus updates, Licenses & Break Fixes

• Managing Postini accounts for ABC Emails

• Database Upgrades and Maintenance

• Website Maintenance

• Single Point of Contact for all IT Vendors

• Reporting on all ongoing IT projects

• Server/ Database Management






Customized Web Applications, e-Commerce and e-Business

LaunchIT e-business solutions are committed to creating e-Commerce solutions for small as well as medium enterprises that require web interface to give a complete picture. We provide customized web interface to resolve web issues and make extensive use of the Internet in resolving e-Commerce solutions.

Whatever the web issue may be, be it B2B (business to business), B2C (business to customers), peer to peer (P2P), custom e-business, custom e-Commerce, custom Auctions, e-Business consulting, e-business transformation, or perhaps even digital supply based chain solutions, LauchIT can help. LaunchIT has an array of internet strategies, which make it possible for our clients to reach their respective goals. The focus is on custom web application.

LaunchIT has made a mark among business to business companies. We have also made a name for ourselves in custom web application development. Our custom web application is based on professional approach to web solutions and our clients find such approach very beneficial to their business.

We excel because we get to know your business first, then adapt a web application, e-Commerce, or technology solution that maps with our business – not the other way around.

We are much applauded at the international level for our commendable services, which are a hallmark of our dedicated efforts to meet up to our clients' requirements.

Software development requires special skills which LaunchIT software specialists possess. Our customized application development is geared towards augmenting the business of our clients and ensuring that they are able to carve a niche for themselves in the IT market. This professional approach of ours is what attracts clients to avail our services and we give top preference to them as they are our driving force to achieve our work goals.

Globally, the IT market has been expanding rapidly and new technological innovations have been replacing obsolete application development solutions. LaunchIT is well aware of changing IT market conditions ensuring that our clients get the best outsourcing and software application services.








Typical Staffing
Client Onsite Requirements

• Give us a call to see if we can provide you the resource you are looking for.

• Typically the resources we present will be our w-2 employees

• Our people will re-locate (we ask for 6 month contracts or longer)


Remote Staffing
Need developers but not onsite

• Call us to see how we can work with you

• Development can be done on-site, off-site, or even off-shore.  Depends on your environment and needs.

• Coordination can be done by the client or by us internally.


Team Staffing
Hire from one vendor for engagement

•  Give us the requirement, let us find all the people and insure you can drive/manage the projects.

•  Benefits

– Dealing with one vendor

– Volume pricing

– Reduce interview time and focus on deliverables – let us handle the headaches

Duties Performed, but not Limited to:

• Network Management

• Network & Server Maintenance

• Printer Troubleshooting & Installation

• Setting up and Maintaining all Security related issues

• Administration of all Servers & Hardware

• Patch management for all Laptops, Desktops, and Servers

• Manage Domain Name Registration

• Anti-Virus Updates, Licenses & Break Fixes

• Email – Setup, Management

• Database Upgrades and Maintenance

• Website Maintenance

• Single Point of Contact for all IT Vendors

• Maintenance of all Call Logs/ Timesheets of services rendered by each of the vendors.

• Reporting on all ongoing IT Projects

• Server / Database Management

– Performance Improvement Activities on Server

– Server Space Monitoring

– Monitoring the Hosting Applications

– Application Deployment






e-Commerce SOLUTIONS

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