Why work at LaunchIT?

We believe that choosing a career is an opportunity for you to take your skills and talents and utilize them in areas that you enjoy. At LaunchIT, we invest in our employees’ talents and wellbeing, so that each employee can reach their fullest potential, both professionally and personally. We are seeking not just the best talent, but more importantly, people who fit in with our culture and are open to growing and learning.

Visa Information

LaunchIT has hired qualified candidates from India and will continue to do so. If you are interested and need sponsorship, currently have an H1-B and would like to transfer or you are an OPT, then please email us with a cover letter containing:

  • Why you want to join our team
  • What your professional development plan is
  • Your most recent resume
  • Your current immigration status


Right now we’re looking for


Software Developer

Business Analyst

Computer Programmer